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5 Inexpensive ways to promote your small business online

BUDGET! One word every small business owner is cautious about. More often than not marketing budget takes the cut when it comes to business expense management. The good news is that there are few inexpensive marketing techniques that can still put your business on the map where your potential customers can easily find you. However, this requires some careful consideration of platforms you choose to market your business and a lot of time before you start seeing some serious results.

1.    Get your business listed

The first step is to get your business listed on Google My Business. This is completely free; fill up a form and get your business verified with a Google representative through a phone call or email. Put your business on the local map along with other similar businesses. Your business shows up when users make a search relevant to your offering. Google My Business lets customers reach out to you and provides promotional methods to make your business more prominent. Alternatively, get your business listed on Yahoo and Bing’s local database.

2.    Make use of Social Media

Get your business listed on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter. Never use your personal account for your business; create a separate account and spread the word. Share it with your friends and ask them for a shout out so that the message spreads to your friends’ network. Find out relevant groups with the audience of your relevance to spread the word about your business. Be active and keep posting on these groups to gain traction. Create short business videos about your product/service and host them on YouTube.

3.    Blog Writing and Guest Blogging

Set up a business blog for your small business. You can get started with a simple blog on Blogger or a WordPress blog. Next, decide on what content will go up on your blog. This depends on your small business, the niche and the intent with your blog content. Remember that your blog is a high volume traffic directing medium. Use the power of social media to share your articles with the public. Popular mediums include LinkedIn, Facebook (groups), Medium, Quora and Reddit are good platforms to share content online.

Finding it difficult to get your own audience through your blog? Become a guest blogger! You can guest blog on other blogs or even deliver a podcast that can reach your target customers. Make sure to grab the benefits of guest blogging by adding backlinks to your business (in the About the author section) to drive traffic into your website.

4.    Community advertising

Sign up and become a part of local communities and meetup groups. Actively participate and engage in discussions with successful entrepreneurs, talk to them about your business, and get their suggestions. At the same time, passively put the word about your business in these events. Who knows? Word of mouth discussions can bring your business some luck. Attend local community events relevant to your business to increase your community presence and spread the word about your business.

5.    Freebies – Business Promotions

Simple yet effective technique – run a sweepstake contest and reward your winners. Take advantage of the power of social media to run these campaigns. This increases the curiosity levels and puts your brand into the minds of your future customers. Freebies can more be like “rewards” that your customers will cherish, and at the same time be tempted to share about your business to their network.

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