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Medical Expenses that qualify for Tax Relief in Ireland

In Ireland, an average family spends about €200-€250 every month on their medical expenses. Most of the Irish nationals do not understand the tax laws around medical expenses or ignore the relief that’s available for them on medical and dental expenses. Statistics reveal that only 40% of Irish people claim their tax relief on medical expenses in a year.

According to the tax laws in Ireland, if you pay for your medical expenses that are not covered under the State or Private Health Insurance, tax relief is available at 20% the tax rate on these expenses. Nursing home costs qualify for tax relief at the highest tax rate of 40%. For example, if your total medical expenses (qualified for tax relief) is €2000, you will be eligible to get 20% i.e. €400 as the tax refund.

Who can claim the tax relief?

You can claim the tax relief for medical expenses that are either incurred by you or your immediate family (parents, siblings, etc). The major requirement is that you must have all the bills and receipts of medical expenses for the year.

What are the expenses that qualify for tax relief?

  1. Doctor fees, consultant fees or treatment fees in the hospital
  2. Cost of medicines prescribed by the doctor
  3. X-Ray procedures (MRI, CT-Scan, normal X-Rays) carried out as a part of your treatment
  4. Expenses on physiotherapy after being referred by a doctor
  5. If you have a nurse employed at home, you can claim the expenses spent on their services
  6. Speech and language therapy costs spent on a qualified therapist for a dependent child
  7. Treatment in a nursing home with the bills of discharge
  8. Dental treatment expenses when prescribed by the doctor
  9. Kidney dialysis expenses. You can claim the expenses on electricity, medical appliances and your charges to visit the physician for regular appointments.
  10. Maternity care fees and hospital charges (with bills)
  11. IVF is known to be a costly treatment and you are eligible to claim 20% of the expenses as tax relief for IVF treatments
  12. Optical expenses such as eye check-up, eye vision tests, glasses and contact lenses when prescribed by the doctor. Even if you do corrective laser surgery, you are eligible to claim the expenses as tax relief.
  13. In addition, the following medical needs prescribed by the doctor are eligible for tax relief –
    1. Medicines and drugs
    2. Any medical diagnostic procedures prescribed
    3. Hearing aids
    4. Glucometer for diabetes
    5. Wheelchairs
    6. Beds and chairs for patients suffering from a disability or orthopaedic problems


How to apply for tax refund?

You can claim your tax refund using the Revenue’s myAccount Service or the app. The myAccount Service has the receipts tracker service which allows you to store your bills details. Alternatively, you can fill up the Form 12 and drop it in the Revenue office or email the details to For dental expenses, you need to get the completed medical form MED2 from your dentist and submit it on the myAccount Service portal or app.

Want to know more about the medical expenses that you can claim in your tax refund? Speak to our experts now. Book your first no-obligation consultation here.

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